Sunday, 23 January 2011

end of a era or fight for our right?

well everyone, the new year started out well, and peaceful, but it quickly changed. Thanks to one thorn in our side whos been a permanent presence for too long now.

anyway this is just a quick post to say I am still here, somewhere slightly less active in the amazing cyber world than I wanted to be, but right now there is alot of things I need to sort out in the real world.

I will up date again soon when I know exactly what we're doing, but right now I don't really want to go into too much detail

take care everyone xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

Review - ELC Dino Adventure set

One of the Christmas presents we brought this year was the wonderful Early Learning Centers
Dino Adventures set, which comes with pack of 2 free dino racer cars.
The simple idea of this toy is that you set up a track, using the great snap together pieces, and position it wherever you want, there are several bridges, tunnels and obstacles for you to add to the track to add to the fun, the cars need 1x AA battery and then your off.
the cars race around the track by themselves as they pass under certain tunnels the boulders fall down onto the track, or dinosaurs jump out of eggs, the cars are really quite fast and have headlights that shine to add to the amusement.
The one thing I really liked about the set is the flexibility of the track, when you snap together several pieces it really is very bendy and can be positioned in any way.
This toy was a huge hit for all three of my children, where my youngest couldn't piece together the track, my eldest two did so with very little help, and really enjoyed swapping and changing the track layout over books and boxes to add to the adventure!

We managed to pick this amazing set up at a reduced rate it normally retails at £40 and you get the 2 free cars which otherwise would be £10, however we brought it on a half price sale and so got it for a bargain £20
I would recommend this to anyone even if it is full price, the hours of enjoyment we've had makes it well worth the money, and I can see it lasting for a good while yet.

Friday, 7 January 2011

one week in....

So a week into the new year, a full week back to 'normal' everyone back to school, the alarm clock beeping at an hour I'd rather not see, the dark mornings, cold and wet this week, waking up all three children, whos ability to sleep in late only seems to be present on school days, and then rushing round making sure if we have the P.E kits, violins, and swimming kits on the correct days, to then get to school with said items and realize the schools normal activity routine doesn't start for another week so no swimming kits were needed in the first place.

But we got through it, with a few unexpected turns on the way, my grandparents are having alot of trouble with their house phone line and I have been trying my best to sort that out for them, but it is getting increasingly difficult to get any answers from anyone about what is actually happening, and if anyone is actually helping them get it fixed, ah well I'll keep plugging away at them and hope that someone gets their act together and sorts things, they have had enough bad luck to last them this year at least!

I will make more of an effort with the blog, it was one of my new year hopes, to get on top of the whole 'blog' idea and stick with it, so far I've not been very good at that have I!
next week I will do better I promise!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Late nights and early mornings

I have really enjoyed Christmas this year, we've all had a lot of fun, food, laughter and smiles.
Two weeks off from the normal school run mornings and trying hard to fit in everything into the shrinking dark evenings was very welcomed!
however the holidays are nearly over, only today and tomorrow then the rush will return.
I must admit I have slipped with the bedtimes this holiday - its Christmas after all, and how can you send your children to bed at 7pm when they are so excited and are up chatting away about Santa, reindeer and fairy's? So the bedtimes got later and more often than not it was 9pm when I could even think about settling them down. The late nights were not really followed by many lay ins, oh don't get me wrong sometimes we managed to stay in bed past 8am, but most mornings giggling and bumping was heard from one of the bedrooms before 7am luckily grumpiness hasn't been too much of an issue - yet, but I am now wondering how they will take to being at school again, so day 2 of the new year, and part 1 of my resolutions, bedtimes are coming back into force,no more late nights chatting together in each others rooms, 7pm littlest in bed asleep, 7.30 eldest two in there own beds, 8pm lights out! Sounding good?? lets hope that tonight and tomorrow gives them enough of a boost of energy to tackle the new term!

New Year!

Well that's it out with the old? in with the new?
2010 is well and truly over, I know a fair few people who will be sighing in relief as we roll in the new year, and I hope that 2011 brings everyone some good fortune.

We're not party people and we don't celebrate new year very much, so we weren't out drinking the night away, waking this morning with a beastly headache, in fact we never drink to celebrate anything, or indeed drink for any other reason, we are completely Tea total... quite literally so we saw in the new year with all three children tucked up in bed, the dog snoring away on the sofa and me and my other half with cups of tea in our hands, jumping up and down like slight loons (as we have just brought a xbox 360 kinect sensor, which is simply amazing!!!) and we woke this morning and although we initially thought we would go over to my parents house for a new years day tea, turkey and chips or something similar, we didn't end up getting that far, as the neighbours came to see us and that was it then, we couldn't tare the kids away from the kinectimals!

My mum is still loving her new laptop tho, and we have now set up skype for her which is always interesting, and enables her and my dad to witness the manic atmosphere of our house from the quiet safety of their armchairs!

What do I think 2011 will hold? who knows, but we'll be there for the ride no matter what it throws at us.

Happy New Year everyone, lets try and make it a good one!
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