Friday, 21 February 2014

Ben10 Omnitrix A.I Review

We were sent the Ben10 Omnitrix AI to review from Bandai, which pleased Mikey no end.

ben10 omniverse new omnitrix toy

Ben10 is a popular animated series, which stars a 10 year old boy -Ben Tennyson, who has a watch-like alien device called the Omnitrix which enables Ben to transform into various different aliens each with their own powers.

ben10 2014 omniverse toy range
Ben10 has been popular for several years, and new for 2014 is the Omniverse series on Cartoon Network,  to match the new series is a brand new range of toys which includes new character figures and play sets.

2014 new ben10 toy figure collection

The  Omnitrix AI  is also in the new release for 2014  The Omnitrix AI is the cheaper of the Omnitrix toys available, priced around £12.99 - £14.99 it is a great choice for young Ben10 fans.

ben10 omnitrix omniverse AI

The Omnitrix AI has light and sound features with a twist dial to select from the 10 alien characters from the show.

The recommended age is 4 and above, although I can see no reason why a younger child would not be able to enjoy this toy.

ben 10 omniverse wrist strap

The plastic wrist strap is quite chunky but does have plenty of adjustable fasteners, it fit Mikeys arm easily and could of equally fit an adults wrist.

ben10 omniverse omnitrix wrist strap role play toy

The Omnitrix itself is also a chunky piece, coloured to match the design from the 2014  Omniverse show.

The Omnitrix centre can be slid off the strap  and has an on/off switch on the side, with a lift up flap which  reveals the twist dial where you can select the alien of your choice.

light and sound wrist strap ben10 omnitrix toy

The aliens are displayed on a small screen and as you twist the dial a beep sound is played and a green light shines.

Once you have selected the alien character you can press the centre to hear another sound, this sound is the same no matter which alien is selected - which disappointed Mikey as he would have liked abit of variety here (however we have not actually watched the new series and as such I am not sure what sounds are played in the TV show)

childs omnitrix wrist strap toy ben10

Overall Mikey likes the Omnitrix AI and it does seem a sturdy toy which I am sure will last alot of rough play. For the price tag I think it is reasonable priced which I am sure would please any Ben10 fan, couple it with a white T shirt and green trousers and you have the perfect Ben10 dressing up outfit.

Please do watch our youtube video review below.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day

yep, it's the 14th February - Valentines day

My Facebook news feed is inundated with pictures of chocolates and beautiful flowers and lovely little messages.

I'm not really one for Valentines day, I don't buy for my other half and I don't think he even knows what day it is! Normally we just sort of let it slip by without too much fuss.

But over the years Chloe has been more aware of it, and it seems somewhat more important than it used to be, I remember when I was young Valentines day was a none eventful day, I don't remember my mum or dad doing anything special and it certainly wasn't even thought about for anyone but couples to purchase people gifts, now however you hear of people buying gifts for their friends, children, pets even!

So when I was in the local shop yesterday surrounded by heart shaped chocolates and cute teddy bears I thought I might as well get in the spirit just a little.

This morning I made pancakes and melted little chocolate hearts on them, for the kids - just as a little token gesture to say 'I love you!'

Even amongst the hustle of the school morning routine, it made a nice way to start the day.

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