Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dismaland - Questions - Answered!

We were lucky enough to get to go into Dismaland yesterday - and had a truly fantastic time.

I recommend it to everyone. There seems to be a bit of mystery around the event and everyone seems to have a question, so I thought I would put together a question and answer style post which will hopefully be handy to those who are planning on going themselves.

What is Dismaland? 
Dismaland is an interactive art exhibition, situated at Western Super Mare, UK
With art on display from over 50 artists from all over the world, including Banksy, situated in an old Lido - the Tropicano which once housed an open air swimming pool. Banksy said 'This event is so much more than just an art show, well, two things more. It's got a bar and a cinema. Think of this as a fairground that embraces brutality and low level criminality - so a fairground then. Here you are encouraged to consider not just consume, to look, not just spectate and most importantly of all beware of uneven floor surfaces.' - See a full list of artists and other information on the website

Is it suitable for young children?

We took my 4 children, aged 13, 12, 8 and 8 months.

The art is of an dark nature, so it may be worth having a look to see if you are comfortable with that before taking along your children.

Some swearing is present on certain posters, and there are scenes depicting death and other subjects which you may want to talk over.

But for the very young these simply go over their heads, for the older children it is a great way to introduce them to some fantastic art works, the staff are amazing and were nothing but great with my children, taking the time to entertain them in their dismal uninterested yet very attentive way.

Upon entering you get lead through a security section, the staff there were particularly great with the children, making them stand on one leg, hop, place hands over their faces then smile at the camera -that sort of thing, they also spoke to my 8 month old son, scanning him and asking him to ensure all adults are supervised at all times- a great start to the whole experience.

Once inside it is very much a fairground - and you can interact with the stalls, have a go on hook a duck from the muck, and topple the anvil, again the staff at these attractions ere wonderfully entertaining with the children, making the experiences so much more rewarding than an average fairground stall, there is also a childrens corner too with sandy play area... and childrens pay pocket money loans. Brilliant from all ages.

How long do you need to visit?

The doors open at 11am then again at 6pm for the evening till 11pm.

We had over 4 hours there but could have stayed longer - there is no time limit to the day and once passed the security entrance you are free to go about your day the way you wish too, there is a one way system around the castle and certain art exhibits but everything else is free to wander around as you see fit, you can stay as long as you want, and there truly is so much to see and do.

Can you take your own food?

I think officially they would rather you didn't - there is places inside to purchase food, although we simply didn't have the time to do that, before purchasing your ticket your bags are checked, and there was mention that you have to disguard food which I read online in other sources of information, however I took in my picnic bits (drinks and sandwiches) and nothing was said about that.

What is disabled access like?

The floor in the que area is muddy, slippy and generally rather unpleasant to push a wheel chair or pushchair, but is not totally in accessible. Inside there is uneven surfaces, wood chips in some of the exhibit tents and general steps up and down certain areas, however there is certainly plenty you can easily access with a wheelchair/pushchair so even with the bits which may be off limits there is still a lot of reasons to see the rest.

How much additional money will you need?
Days out can often quickly become expensive when you add up all the little extras can't they?

The price to enter is a very affordable and very worth while £3, then once you're inside you don't need to purchase or spend anything else at all to enjoy the visit, but there are a few things available,  the big 'I am an imbe-cile' balloons which gloomy staff wonder around holding ARE  for sale and can be purchased for £5 if you can catch up with the staff.

The attractions are all working and should you wish too you can play the mini golf, ride the Ferris wheel, and try to win on the hook a duck, shoot out and topple the anvil, these cost between £1 and £2 a go.

On the way out there is a gift shop- inside there are prints to purchase and T.shirts which cost £10 for a children size and £20 for an adult.

Paper guides are handed to you as you enter, official more indepth guides can be brought for £5

Over all it is a very affordable day out and great value for money.

Great, so where can you get tickets?

That's the big question isn't it? -  We simply turned up and were lucky to not have to wait too long, you can read how we got tickets here : How we got tickets to Dismaland

However there is no guarantee of Que time or tickets being available on the door.

Online tickets are being made available in blocks - keep an eye on the official website, and do not buy from anywhere else as ID may be needed to prove purchase from official site. 

You can also get up to date information on twitter from the official Dismaland stream @dismalandwsm

And if  after all that you  have time, you can brave the winds and western weather and sit on the beach... but beware of the sinking mud! (check tide times and look for warning signs on the beach)

and if you want to see whats inside here is our video :

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Banksy Dismaland - How did we get tickets?

Several weeks ago I was looking to arrange a seaside day trip as I do love the sea and haven't been able to take a trip for a couple of years, living in the midlands and not being able to drive myself it can be difficult. So when I saw a local coach company offering trips to Western Super Mare I thought 'oh that is a good way to get out for the day in the school holidays', booked up my tickets and didn't think much more of it.

Then the news broke that Banksy had installed a new attraction on the seafront, surrounded by excitement and mystery. I couldn't believe it when it said this was at Western Super Mare an otherwise fairly quiet seaside town and so I eagerly read what was there.

The news articles sounded fantastic the photos popping up online looked incredible, I tried helplessly to get tickets so we could be sure to go in ourselves, along with seemingly millions of other people!

The tickets website crashed (or was simply never going to deliver tickets on that opening day) and I was left like all others scratching my head and wondering what was happening.

The next few days I scoured the internet looking for real information, what was it like inside? could children go? and most importantly how likely were you to be able to get inside if you turned up at the door?

News broke that tickets would go on sale online from Tuesday lunch - great we were heading there on Tuesday... but  I wouldn't have a laptop handy, and needed a ticket for the daytime not evening. No way of securing tickets before this point.

I figured this could be a blessing, as people waited at home to book their tickets could we perhaps get lucky by being at the door?

So with a glimmer of hope we set off on the coach, it took us 4 hours to arrive, and I had become unsure of our chances of getting inside dismaland, arriving after dinner not ideal when ques could be hours long,  I told my three older children not to expect guaranteed entry and to remember we had booked this day trip without even knowing about dismaland in the hope to avert from serious disappointment.

As it happened we drove past the entrance of Dismaland  and parked up a few meters away, the ticket booth looked open but not busy, the ques certainly looked manageable in a short time frame.

We went straight off the coach, at around 1pm, towards the ticket booth, £3 entry each - a real bargain, the trickest part was navigating through the mud and twisted barriers, with only a handful of people ahead of us we quickly had stamped wrists and were ready to enter the second section of metal railings and join the main que.

This moved slowly with only a handful being allowed in at a time, there was possibly 100 people ahead of us, not a massive que by any means. It  took us around 40 minutes to get to the front.

As we entered the park there was probably 200 or so people waiting behind us, and the lady told me the que was moving slowly as the park was nearing capacity.

Once inside it was amazing - the staff so in character from the first people at the cardboard security who spent time talking to each guest (which is why only 5 or 6 allowed through at a time) to the dismal greetings of the stewards crossing you over the road - there was so so so much to look at, the instant sights such as the castle, the police boat in the moat, the sweeping bendy bench are stunning to look at, but the detail in every aspect of this bemusment park could take you hours upon hours to absorb and you still would not have seen everything it has to offer.

The day was amazing - we all thoughtly enjoyed every minute of it - the dismal weather of windy Western Super Mare was not even noticed, we spent 4 and a half hours there and left reluctantly to catch our coach back home.

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket be sure to go and experience this yourself.

look out for more posts soon :)

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Fun with Orbeez and a balloon pool party!

This summer is flying past, we have been trying to find things to do at home to ensure we can have a lot of fun without spending too much.

Holidays can be expensive but you can have fun at home.

Especially when the sun shines!

We brought a paddling pool at the start of the summer so with the sun finally coming back out the past few days we have been able to get out and enjoy the pool.

Having a pool party.

To make it a bit more fun we added lots of balloons, normal latex balloons with a tiny bit of water in each so they are not water balloons or water bombs, but just enough water in them to weigh them down slightly to prevent them blowing away! they gave a fun extra to the pool and the children loved splashing and throwing them about along with the other inflatables.We also brought some giant balloons - punch balloons from poundland which are great fun!

Take a look at our pool party  in this video here:

Another fun summer activity is growing orbeez or water beads, these tiny little beads absorb water and grow 10x their original size. They are fun play with and all ages love them.

Have a look here as we have fun growing and playing with thousands of orbeez. even tipping pouring them into the bath!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

8 months old...

Noah you're now 8 months old.

You are growing so very fast and finding your own personality more and more.
The last month has once again seen you jump in leaps and bounds with the things you can do.

You love to snuggle and are happiest close to someone, but your fast becoming more independent.

You now have two  teeth at the bottom and often suck in your bottom lip pulling such serious yet funny faces.

You adore your siblings and you look for them all the time, and light up every time they enter the room. Your eldest brother the one who is calm and comforting, Mikey is the fun one who can make you laugh till you fall backwards by being silly, Chloe who is always there to wash you, change you and settle you to sleep.

You have a favorite program - Zou, and will stop whatever your doing if the theme tune is played.

You love to jigg along to music and clap along to songs, getting increasingly aware of rhymes and sounds as every day passes.

You can now crawl, in the traditional manner, and you have a love for the fireplace and things you are not supost to touch!

Balloons entertain you for ages as you crawl after them and bash them too and fro

Your smile is infectious and your eyes shine so brightly you draw everyone in.

We love you Noah <3

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

one week in

The weekend has slipped by quickly (and once again I am apologizing for not blogging every day!)

The first week seems to have passed in a quick daze, we didn't have a lot panned enjoying the days where the sun shone and we were able to enjoy a bit more time outside.

We are all settling into the more relaxed days of the holidays, although early mornings are still happening - not due to Noah, but my eldest and his paper round!

We enjoyed time with the cousins - a house full of the next generation, it's always nice to get everyone together the children get along really well and always have a lot of fun

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