Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Thursday Already

I can't believe its already Thursday - I blinked and it went from Monday to here, and as a result I have already broken my blog each day hope. But I don't think I'm doing too bad as I'm happy to miss a few days - it doesn't seem possible to find time every single day.

Yes there are hours when I sit with my laptop but I am so tired I can't function enough to do much more than stare longingly at the screen and watch other people seemingly having much more fun on Facebook. I certain don't seem t be able to concentrate enough to string sentences together.

So what has actually been happening?

The past few days have been engulfed with car MOT's (fails and retests) garden updates and sleepless nights - Thanks Noah!

The first week of the holidays and we haven't actually done a great deal, the children have spent alot of time on Plants Vs Zombies (the original game) and have once again set their minds to a marathan to complete the adventure mode. I must admit I do love that game and can get addicted to it too.

Noah has cut two bottom front teeth, although he's not been terribly upset with them, he has been a little off his food - which means he's been up on his breastmilk - which is fine, but tiring for me, especially through the night.

We have added a gate to the garden to separate an area for the dogs, which Mikey thinks is a climbing frame, and his love for climbing has given me an idea for the wall(add some foot rests to make it an abseiling/bouldering wall)  but I am not sure how or if we will actually put that into place.

Anyway thats my time up, Noah is grumbling at my feet so I'll leave this here.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Waiting for Summer

Today is the first official day of the summer holiday here, with the children now being off school.

I love having them home, I love the late nights, lazy mornings, the no homework relaxed nature the holidays bring.

I would say I love the warm days the sun, swimming pools, sun glasses and ice creams.

But unfortunately the weather has other ideas as the past few days its been cold and wet and not summery at all.

Which is a shame.

I wonder if we already had the summer? What with the odd hot day last month. Maybe that was our lot.

It really was lovely and warm. In  our excitement and hope for a hot summer we brought a 8ft pool for the garden, along with the filter system and cleaners to ensure it can stay up and clean all summer long.

boys playing in pool
garden pool playing outside

The kids love it, swimming and splashing around with the snorkels and floats and I hope that the sun does com back so we can enjoy it again.

playing with snorkels and floats in the poolboys swimming in the paddling pool

Saturday, 25 July 2015

School trips

The last week of term for my eldest two, who are both in seior school, is enrichment week.

Which means they get a choice of school trips.

When I was at school I never went on any residential, I didn't mind too much, not alot of my friends went either, but still when Jake started seniors last year and the chance to go to France was offered I really wanted to give him the opportunity to go, travel and see new things.

So he went to France last year as a year 7 He went along with his friends and came home having had the best time. It marked the end of the new year, the start of his journey into the teenage years and his growing independence.  (you can read the blog I wrote last year here : starting secondary school - one year on)

This year Chloe started seniors and so she too got the chance to go to France, and Jake as a year 8 went to London.

School trips are quite expesive, the France trip cost £360 and the London trip £165 add on the spending money and any additional clothes/shoes they want to take along and it's certainly not a cheap option.

We try to live frugally, we don't have a huge income, so I took up the offer to pay in installments and Jake used his own paper round money to take along as spending money.

But waying up the positives to going on a school trip and I think it is worth the expense.

Chloe France trip, the same as Jakes the year before consisted of crossing the channel on a ferry, visiting a snail farm and baking croissants in a local bakery.

Joining a French school and taking part in sports with the children and of course visiting local markets and attractions such as the beach!

Jakes London trip saw him visit Ripleys Believe it or Not, watching street performers in Covent Gardens and a trip to the theater to see Wicked.

Then a visit to Warner Brothers Studio and the Making of Harry Potter tour which he absolutely loved and hasn't stopped talking about since he returned.

As I watched for updates on the schools social media channels, and waited for a call or text to let me know how they were I wished I was there along side them experiencing these new things, but I also smiled knowing that they were having fun building their own memories and experiences which I hope they hold onto for along time.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Lets start again...

New Year... New Blog... with a promise to actual get back into blogging.

Didn't really materialise very well did it? I have managed only a handful of posts so far this year.

I am the worlds most un motivated person, I always have the thoughts about doing something but never seem to get round to completing anything!

So once again I am publicly saying that I want to blog more, want to actually make time every day to put something here on the blog, it doesn't have to be hugely planned or amazingly constructed, just something, anything, every day.

I want to record, share ad save the memories. I want to jot down things that interest me be they about the kids, myself or other things.

Maybe I am being once again too ambitious, and I will be here again in another 6 months saying ah that didn't work out did it? But you never know.

So from this day forward (for a while at least) I AM going to post every day... hopefully!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

7month Update

7 Months old, so quickly the year is passing.

A lot of milestones have crept up the past few weeks as Noah becomes more and more alert and aware of what everyone else is doing, and he desperately copies his siblings.

Watching him grow is bitter sweet, I love seeing the new things he does each day, but I don't want him to grow up too fast!

This month has seen him move around in hi walker, although we don't use it very much, he prefers to be on the floor, he can't crawl yet, but can bum shuffle his way around the room with  rolling in between he certainly can get to most places in a blink of an eye.He also is desperate to pull himself into a standing position,  on the sofa, coffee table and anything else he can hold on to!

Babbles have become more controlled, he calls 'mumma' directly for my attention every time I leave the room, which is super cute and something I can't remember my others doing so young!

Weaning is still going great he eats pretty much whatever we are having, he loves chicken wraps, carrot, pasta yorkshire puddings and cake!

He is still breastfed and although he can go long periods satisifed with food and water, he does still love his mummy milk.

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