Monday, 15 August 2011

my main passion... or two or three.....

When I started to really get into blogging I was not sure what I would put here, my life abit hectic with me being interested in so many bits of different things and that is why I wanted this blog to be the one blog where I put everything together, but so far I have only really posted about one thing, and to be honest not a great deal of the real me has been put on here, reviews yes, I adore doing reviews, (hey who doesn't love receiving packages from the postman!) But that aside I have one main passion and thats photos, I love taking them, I love looking at them, I love editing them.

I do not have a fancy camera, a mere point and shoot cannon, which was not very expensive, I have had several other equally inexpensive cameras and it has never stopped me loving capturing the moment, because watching my children grow has been amazing and each stage passes so quickly I have an urge to savour every moment in a still photo, I have literally hundreds of thousands of photographs and each one I love, but each day I take more and the next ones always become my new favourite. I am in no way a professional and nor do I want to be, it is just a passion.

And taking a photo is only half of the fun, I love to edit them, I can spend hours changing them, sometimes just tweaking them ever so slightly, sometimes turning them into something completely new, and it is my mad photo taking that got me into digital scrapbooking, which is quite simply an amazing pass time and one which I have neglected so much recently, well for the past year or so really, and it is something I really would love to throw myself back into and get back on top of the game.

So this post is me, reminding myself of how much I love scrapbooking and reminding myself to make time to do more, and that they too can find there place on here.


  1. And you won the competition Sarah for the TV ad....

    You take great pictures and you are very creative - definitely make time to do more of them.

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. The oldest had a great time at the museum, will be writing a post shortly about that. The youngest had a nice time just keeps eating every 10 minutes!!! Your pictures are great!

  3. Wow that last photo is very cool.. what do you use to edit your photos..?? I take photos all the time and would like to start being a bit more creative with them like you..


  4. I will put together some simple tutorials on here very soon :D if there is any questions you want to know then give me a shout


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