Friday, 9 December 2011

Saturday is Caption Day

It's the weekend again, and That means Saturday is Caption day!

What funny, thoughtful caption can you come up with for this Photo?

Then when you've done pop over to Mammasauras and see the rest of the great photos awaiting your comments!

Saturday Is Caption Day


  1. there better be a better hat in this present

  2. If you can't get ur kids to dress up . . .

  3. For a present, you can dress me in whatever silly hat you want to.

  4. Alright, as it's Christmas, I'll let you take one snap of me like this. Just don't put it on your blog, ok?

  5. Santa was feeling dog-tired this year...

  6. I should be being paid to look this stupid!

  7. Wotcha. Planning a rebellion this week of Sat Cap. Trying to get as many people as possible to post a picture of the great mamasaurus herself with the title Saturday Is Mammasaurus Day. #madcap

    Have a few photos left if you need one.

    Ps she doesn't know so shhhhhh!

    Viva la revolution!


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