Saturday, 18 February 2012

be careful what you click

I received an email tonight from stating that I had been invited to join their blogging community.

The email told me my blog, and it stated the correct blog address, had been liked on their site and I should go and take a look to increase my traffic, sell ad space and join other bloggers.

There was however something not quite right about the email, the email address it came from had an extra 's' on the end of bloggers(s) and the text of the email was very plain with out any formatting, so I was alittle dubious of this 'invite'

So what actually is I have had a google and a sniff around and it seems to be a bloggers network, a very new network with a similar format to facebook, it seems they are sending this email to everyone and anyone who has a blog...  I don't intend on joining just yet, as I am always dubious of this sort of thing.

Unfortunately where there are lots of good opportunities and groups and companies that may land in your inbox, there are just as many not so good ones. So always be careful what you click on.


  1. I received the same e-mail and didn't click. Like you say, something not quite right...

  2. likewise, I dont like it when this happens, so I always mark them as spam.

  3. Hmmm better safe than sorry, hate that sort of thing x

  4. I've not had this but I will look out for it, I saw a couple of people on twitter complaining of having their blogs hacked last week - which makes me very dubious about giving information and joining networks I'm not familiar with - thanks for sharing info.

  5. I rec'd the same email and being the sleuthing type, I googled it and found your post. Will delete and mark as spam for now, if it's legit, I'll hear about it again.
    Thanks for posting!

  6. I've received repeated invites from them the last couple of weeks, just now googled & found this post. Funny thing, the 1st invite I received had the greeting misspelled & said "Hell, someone liked your blog ..." Gave me a chuckle as I hit delete

  7. I was just doing my own research when I found your post, like Chloe Brewer said: better safe than sorry! Thanks for the warning!

  8. I've never gotten any emails from them, but I'm getting a lot of blog traffic from them. Weird.


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