Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Childhood Memories

Yesterday I was busy sorting out the childrens bedrooms, no small feat the boys have bunk beds and toys crammed under and around them with boxes and books poking out from all angles, it looked abit like we had just stuffed everything on that one side of the room, so I split the beds and spread things out abit, sorting out their old toys and regrouping figures with their long lost comrades.

Chloe room also was in major need of a tidy up but somewhat different to the boys, where their room is full to bursting with figures tiny little bits and pieces from various play sets and the odd dressing up outfit spread across the floor, Chloes is different, it looks neat enough from the outskirts, but if you dare to look closely you are met with thousands of unfinished craft projects, little tiny snippets of paper or sequences ready to disperse across the floor at the slightest touch!

The one thing both rooms have in common however, are the favoured cuddly toys, where Chloe has several soft toys all equally loved and no one more so than the next, my boys have deffinate favourite bears.

I love the

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