Friday, 7 September 2012

Guy Fox Fantastic Childrens Map Jigsaw

We love jigsaw Puzzles and have been really lucky to be part of the Ravensburger Puzzle club this year, it has given us even more reason to spend evenings doing abit of puzzle making.

Ravensburger puzzles really are great quality, and the age ratings they give the puzzles are just about spot on, the puzzles aimed at children aged 6 and above have been around 49cmx 36cm in size with 100 pieces, each piece around 4cm in length a perfect size for children and my 5 year old has managed to comple them with just a little input. The jigsaws aimed at older children 8 and above have 200 pieces of a smaller size with more detailed designs engaging older children with more of a challenge.

The quality of the pieces in all the puzzles we have received is second to none with thick pieces that are made on recycled card with a special grained paper finish to prevent glare they are enjoyable to complete and great to admire once finished.

But the best thing about the puzzles is the picture designs!

There is such a wonderful selection of puzzles to choose from and something to suit everyone, the designs are colourful and eye catching and even the puzzles aimed at 6 year olds have appealed to my eldest two (aged 9 and  10)

I have already reviewed the Loopy Laboratory,  Rabbits parade, Disney cars, I heart London and even a 3D lighthouse puzzle which can be seen here : Puzzle Club Reviews and over the past few months we have been enjoying even more puzzles.

One which was of particular interest to my youngest was the Guy Fox London Children's Street map, this is a fantastic jigsaw and he happily sits and completes it himself  (he is 5 years old) we have all been very interested in all things to do with London, what with the Olympics and before that the Queens Jubilee it has been abit of a talking point and everyone has been eager to learn more about the capital city.

The Guy Fox children's map design is brilliant! Its simplicity yet beautifully detailed illustrations make it really appealing, coupled with the fantastic quality of Ravensburger puzzles it is a must have.

The grid references along the edges introduce map reading and also make it easy to complete the outline, and with the familiar landmarks all located on this fun puzzle it has been a huge hit with everyone

The jigsaw even comes complete with a fact sheet  pointing out a few sights to find so it is a great boredom buster there are so many ways to make this much more than just a jigsaw, it has inspired us to draw our own maps, we've use it as a 'eye spy' board and has encouraged endless conversation!

The London Children's map retails around £7.99 (currently available on for £6.39) or you can find out more about the jigsaw and other great Ravensburger Puzzles Here or take a look at more Guy Fox products Here


  1. I think I am slightly in love with that London jigsaw! Love the pictures on it! :)

  2. Jigsaw puzzles are great fun! there are some great free online ones listed here:


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