Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Make Health Fair

We are lucky to live in a country which has a National Health Service, and even with its faults it gives people in the UK access to health care as and when they need it, however there is still many inequality between the level of medicines available, and this really does result in deaths. 

Did you know that there is almost a 10% difference in life expectancy between those who live in the richest and poorest London boroughs? That’s almost 10 years! Poor people really do live shorter, less healthy lives even within a country where there is a National Health Service, which is supposed to provide medicine to all.

Unequal healthcare really does effect everybody, not only the people in the poorest parts of our country, but all across the globe the differences between the type and level of health care is huge. 99% of mothers who die within childbirth are from developing countries.

The London School of Medicine want to see that everyone has equal access to the things they need in order to life healthier lives, affordable shelter, clean water, sanitation and electricity.

Having these equal rights should hopefully prevent the huge differences in poor health and short lives.

In China the average life expectancy is 83 whereas in poorer parts of the world people are living only till there  40's

Please take a second to watch this short video which highlights some statistic to drive home the message that EVERYONE no matter where they live, how much they earn or what their sexual orientation is, everyone should be entitled to the same standard of healthcare.

We know how to improve lives with medicine, and health care that really does save lives, and this knowledge and these vital resources really don't cost that much at all. So it is really hard to understand why so much inequality is still present.

If you want to know more about the London School of Hygiene and their work you can check out the website here, where you will find a number of experts giving their opinions on different sectors of health care and what can be improved.

You can also show your support to their work on twitter by using the hashtag #MakeHealthFair

If talking about this, bringing it to peoples attention has even the smallest effect and can help the people who are in need get the help they need, then lets make sure we shout it out. Please share the message today.

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  1. Great post - really illuminating. We take good healthcare for granted and its good to have this as a reminder. x

    1. its a shame that the health care we receive isn't readily available for everyone who needs it, things like diahreah and sickness that are fairly mild in this country are killers in other places down to the poor lack of basic needs x


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