Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring Cleaning - Girls Bedroom Makeover

A few weeks ago I blogged about how I was having abit of a spring clean and declutter downstairs, and I mentioned that the biggest bug bear for mess in the house was Chloes Bedroom.

With her never ending collection of paper and crafts supplies, her bedroom is the smallest room of the house, a tiny little box room. For the past two years she had a make shift high bed which Darren had made, which  fit across the room in front of the window, to allow her a little more space in the rest of the room, and she had cabinets along the wall and an old wardrobe too.

This set up was not really working well!

When the toys were arranged neatly on the cabinets it looked ok but more often than not the toys were jumbled and piled on top of each other, under the bed was full to bursting with paper and junk, the wardrobe housed yet more out grown toys and clothes were piled in the drawers in our room.

Something desperately needed to be done, so for the passed few weeks we have been giving her bedroom a makeover  with a minimal budget to work with.

At Christmas we brought nice new bed spreads curtains and a rugs to try to make her room look better, but coupled with the clutter everywhere they didn't make much of an impact, but they were Puple and pink so this is the colours we worked with.

Drastic action was needed so we decided we would get her a new bed, now this was a big decision because in doing so it meant that the bed would no longer fit across the window wall, and would have to be placed on the longest wall, as the room is just a little box room it limited space. Also with a normal height bed, we would loose the under bed space. We reasoned that the under bed space was not being utilised well currently and had just become a dumping ground and  the loss of space along the main wall was a small price to pay as it looks so so much better.

girls bedroom ideasWe took away the old wardrobe and the cabinets and took down her high bed and removed the piles and piles of soft cuddle toys and arts and crafts from under her bed and emptied the room completely then placed in just a nice new bed.

Teddy bear on girls bed

The room looked great, so very neat and tidy, but obviously its not practical to just have a bed, so we needed some serious storage.

under bed wooden box storage girls room

We decided to keep her original under bed box storage, which was a big box that original came from a wooden play train table, its the perfect size to slide under the bed, and with a jolly good sort out we replaced only the things she really wanted.

pink bedside cabinet storage ideas for girls room

Then we brought 2 new  bedroom cabinets. Each cabinet has 4 fabric boxes as storage, and they hold a surprising amount in them. Perfect for all the art and craft.

storage ideas for craft supplies in girls bedroom

On top of the cabinets there is enough space to arrange all her trinkets. Giving Chloe real scope to add her own personal touch to the room

As we were sorting out all her things, we realised she actually had quite a nice collection of jewellery, most of which she had been passed on from a family friend, too nice to sit in a box, so we brought a mug stand from a local charity shop for 50p and this makes a lovely display stand for all the bracelets.

mug stand jewellery display bedroom ideas

Chloe also loves her American Flag high Heel Boots, which she brought with her Christmas Money, they are too high heeled to wear but they look fabulous on her bedside cabinet.

very high heeled boots red white blue

We then added a very high up shelf to house the soft toys and a small TV, with hooks along the back wall and behind the door to hang jackets, bags and pyjamas cases.

We haven't the budget to redecorate the walls, or replace carpet right now, but we did find a nice noticeboard in a value store which  Chloe loves to cover one of the walls.

Overall I am really pleased with the progress, the difference in the room is huge. And the best thing is that since making the changes it seems to be staying tidy.

light shinning through girls bedroom window

There are still plenty of bits and bobs we want to do before we can say it is completely finished, the first is get a vertical blind, to block out some of the sun now that the summer months are here and the light shines right into her room, I have priced some up from Web-Blinds which have a fantastic selection of designs with blinds which can be made to measure that would be perfect. And then we need to redecorate the walls we have to decided to either paint or wallpaper.

But for now it is so much nicer.

Next on my list to declutter is the boys room!

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