Saturday, 3 January 2015

Gingerbread Men

I'm not very good at baking, I don't enjoy it, it tends to just be a mess making exercise which often doesn't produce anything edible! But that said it is occasionally nice to give it ago.

Today was a rainy day,  so with thanks to a Christmas gift Chloe made some gingerbread men.

The kit came with everything she needed, except a bit of butter and water, which really helped keep mess to a minimum and the biscuits actually tasted pretty good at the end, although the decorating didn't really work out brilliantly - more practise may be needed for the icing, but baking kits seem to be the way forward.

rain on a window
home baking gingerbread men kit for kids
newborn baby


  1. You definitely can't beat kit for for less mess
    ...although my kids can make a mess anywhere.

    Loving the new blog

    1. kits are certainly easier for the kids to do themselves, I don't think I'll ever enjoy baking tho :) Thanks for stopping by I do hope my blogging mojo returns somewhat


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