Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Team work to create our entry into #TeamSkylanders

When I saw the message on the Tots100 website about them joining forces with Skylanders to recruit bloggers to the #TeamSkylanders  I knew it would be something my three would love.

For those of you who don't yet know what Skylanders are, it is the top selling video game of 2012, and its easy to see why, Skylanders is completely different to other video games as it has real toy characters which come to life on screen via the magic portal of power.

skylander spyro dragon characterThe game is set in a mystical world - The Skylands and the Skylanders are protectors against all that is bad - Kaos!

We are huge Skylander fans, after being introduced to them last January after Jakes 10th birthday where we brought him the Sklanders Spyro Adventure pack and since it has been one of the most loved and played games, the great thing is that all three children can play it together, Mikey my youngest at 5 years old can join in with Jake whos 10 with ease, it is neither too babyish nor too difficult, Chloe also loves to join in, which is unusual as shes not interested in any other games, however when Skylanders is mentioned they all happily play together. Each having their own Skylanders and they love swapping them around and continuing their adventures in the Skylands.

skylander wrecking ball character

There are loads of Sklyander character ranging from the familiar Spyro the dragon to new and imaginative characters, some cute looking ones and some more fearsome!

Each Character is classed into one of 8 element groups such as Earth, Fire, Magic and Undead amongst others, and depending on which element the characters are from depends on what special abilities that character possesses.  Collecting new characters brings a whole new dimension to the gaming fun.

So when we read that Tots100 were asking for bloggers to design a new Skylander character it sparked instant interest, Chloe being the artist of the family grabbed the pencils, whilst the boys shouted out ideas about all the wonderful things their Sklyander would be able to do,scribbling down ideas about what they would look like and where they would fit in the Skylands world.

They scribbled and doodled and chatted away for ages, until they had brainstormed their way to come up with this friendly looking character, Acorn.

He is a rather cute looking hedgehog character, from the Earth element. who carried a backpack, where he stores his acorns whilst running around the Skylands.

When he munches on an acorn his special powers are unlocked and he grows bigger and his arms extend.

When he's travelling around the skylands, if he wants to gain speed and get through smaller gaps, he can also roll into a ball protected by his spikes, he is a deceivingly strong character compared to his innocent looks and can also hurtle acorns at his enemies if he doesn't want to get close enough to spike them!

I'm rather impressed with Acorn and think he really would make a fantastic addition to the Skylands, I loved the way the childrens imaginations came to life when confronted with the task of designing a new character, I loved how their team work combined thinking through every concept, really teaming together to bring each others ideas about his looks, movement and abilities to life on the paper.
All the ideas about Acorn and the pictures here are the childrens own work and they are all rather proud of him, and now we will firmly cross our fingers that those at TeamSkyland like him too!

If you are a member of the Tots100 and have some Skylander loving children, or even if you have not  yet learnt of their wonderment, but think your children would love to experience the game themselves why not grab your art supplies and unleash your childrens creative potential and get involved too.

All the details about the competition can be found here  Those picked to join #TeamSkylanders will be lucky enough to receive the new version of the game Skylanders Giants and help provide their views on new Characters and products through the next few months.

Closing date is Monday 17th  December - Tweet your entry to @tots100 with the hashtag #TeamSkylanders  - Good Luck!

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