Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wagg MMM's - Tasty Treats

Regular readers here may have noticed a few weeks back a shiny new badge appeared on the side bar - one which I was very pleased to place, as we were asked to become Wagg Official Reviewers.

We love Wagg dog food and it has been the regular complete food that Jackson enjoys so when we received the email from the team at Wagg addressed to Jackson from their Top Dog Dalton we were thrilled.

Our first review mission was to try out the brand new dog treats Wagg MMM's  tasty dog biscuits. They are so brand new that you probably haven't heard of them.

As dog owners its always hard to know how to reward our dogs without hindering their health, human food, as much as they love it, isn't ideal for a dogs digestive system, and its important to ensure the treats you feed your pet are healthy and tasty.

The people at Wagg really do know their stuff when it comes to dog food and the tasty handy sized bones are perfect. They are small ( about 3cm in length) but crunchy and take a good few comps to eat each one, which means they help to keep dogs teeth clean, they have added vitamins A and E to help support your dogs immune system and added yeast to aid digestion, but no added sugar to ensure these are a great choice from an owners point of view - but from a dogs point of view all that matters is how tasty they are and these seem very tasty!

Jackson our boxer dog was sent the three brand new flavours of Wagg mmms to try out, Chicken, Salmon and Liver, and he loved all three, the feeding guide on the pack suggests between 4 and 7 treats per day for large dogs,  when we fed this amount no tummy upsets were caused at all and they really do seem satisfying enough to give as a one off for just being good, or giving 2 or 3 together as a bit of an afternoon snack. The handy size also means these are perfect for popping in your pocket when your out and about on walks to help with recall and other positive behaviours.

The boxes contain loads of mmm bones, 400g worth, however I forgot to count them and now well each box is over half empty!

Jackson loved all three flavours but we set him up a trial to see which he picked out as his favourite - take a minute to watch his video below, because even if I do say so myself, he is rather cute!

You can find out more about Wagg foods and the great Mmms treats on Waggs website here, or why not pop over to say hello to the Wagg team on their facebook page and be sure to keep your eyes out for the Wagg mmms in supermarkets near you now.

Also kep your eyes out in your local Asda, Morrisons and Poundland if you want to buy some Wagg mmm's to try yourself!


  1. Ah bless him, he's gorgeous!
    We recently started buying Wagg for our Lurcher (Zabaleta) & I can honestly say it's the best dog food out there!
    Will look out for these treats & give them a try!

    1. I really like Wagg food as well it never causes any tummy troubles and the price is great :)

    2. Totally agree, Zaba's got a delicate tummy & this has been the most consistently good food we've tried & you're so right the price is great (more money for treats lol)

  2. I would love to become a review on pet food, as i have a hamster :)

  3. Fank you so much for your fab review and agreeing to become part of my pack Jackson!!


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