Saturday, 11 May 2013


Today I was supposed to be at Birmingham Blog Summit, with lots of other wonderful bloggers,  meeting new people, getting to know the real people behind the blogs and learning new things too.
But then sometimes things don't go to plan, this week has been full of sickness first Jake then Mikey and then this morning myself too. So I haven't been able to attend the Tots100 blogsummit.

Not being able to attend and listen to those in the know got me thinking. What was I hoping to gain from the Blogsummit anyway? Of course I wanted to simply be there to see what it was all about, to meet up with those who I interact with online but have never actually met face to face, but also I was quite looking forward to learning a thing or two as well.

Blogging is an amazing hobby, it's the one thing I love doing, I love reading other blogs, I love taking photos to share on my blog and reviewing products making videos and of course the perks from the paid posts too.

But I quite often feel like I have no idea what I am doing!

I don't think I'm an amazing writer, yet blogging is based heavily on the written word, so I do want to try harder and write more.

But thats hard, my blog  is openly read by a whole manner of people, strangers as well as those nearest and dearest. Not only my family but people who I pass in the street, the childrens school friends too, so I do sometimes struggle to write openly about the ins and outs of life.

So what else can I write about?

I want to grow my blog, I want to forget about how other people blog and just do what I enjoy. But I want to be more consistent with posting, so that the people following my blog know what they are going to find when they come over here.

Although this may just be a wishful theory, in a hazey sickness filled mind, I want to try to organise myself, and what better way to do that than try to write up some form of a plan.  So to start the planning heres a bullet point list of where I would like my blog to go:
  • I want to get back into Digital Scrapbooking, which I love but have left to the sidelines recently, I was thinking of hopefully posting up a Scrapbook Layout every Saturday.

Hopefully posting a digital scrp layout like this one above, with a photo taken that week, and a meaningful quote.
  • I want to write more, so I thought maybe writing about something in the news that caught my eye might be a good way to do this.  One of the main things I seem to loose hours doing sometimes is flicking through various news stories, I mean to be getting on with more important things but then a story will catch my eye on my email homepage, or a link someone posts to facebook and then I'll find myself clicking from one news story to the next. I thought if I choose just one each week and write about it, it could be a national headline or just a local story, funny or thought provoking. Just whatever catches my eye. I hope this gives me a chance to  write  more, without having to worry to much about over sharing my personal life.
  • I want to take more photographs - The main consistent thing I guess to my blog is the photos, I love taking photos, and I want to dedicate more time to actually taking really good photos, so I think I will join in more with photo linkys, maybe MacroMonday, or Wordless Wednesday and obviously get back into Silent Sunday posts, as over the past few months I have been slacking with everything blogging related and not stuck to posting my Sunday photograph. I also want to go back and visit some of the very inspirational photo blogs that I found a while ago but then never really had much time to join in with. Now with my new camera I really do want to focus more on getting better at photography.

  • And Finally, I want to focus on videos. Now this one scares me slightly, and might not be one I tackle straight away, but it is something on my todo list. I do love my youtube channel, but in a love hate sort of way. I love that I am getting lots of views over there, but I am under no illusion that my videos are in anyway amazing, and I really really want to do more, try harder get better. I am not quite sure what on earth I want to make videos about, but I want to try to make more videos, something that isn't a review video... I'll still make reviews too, but I want to try to be more confident in making other videos as well.
Then obviously I will continue to blog the sporadic bits and bobs in between, still continue to review anything that catches my eye and post about the family moments I want to store and look back on.

Thats it, a bit of a plan maybe.. Lets see how it turns out.

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