Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fashion Designer - Harumika Review

Chloe is like most pre teen girls, and is just starting to show a real interest in fashion styles. Far more than myself at her age.

She loves to doodle her ideas down and flick through girlie magazines looking at the stars to see what clothes they are wearing.

She loves to put her own outfits together and often makes something far more stylish than I could ever dream up.

So when we were sent some Harumika to review I knew it would be a hit.

I have seen Harumika sets around for the past couple of years and they were on my 'must get some of them for Chloe' list.

The idea is a very simple one, you get a small mannequin, and several fabric squares, and stickers to add to your outfits.

The instructions included are simple, the mannequin has a opening at the back which you can push the material through using the tool provided to hold the fabric pieces in place.

Enabling you to make up outfits with minimum fuss, no glue or scissors needed at all, and the great thing is that you can remove and re do your outfit as many times as you want, each time you learn new ways to fold and twist the material fastening it into place making totally unique styles.

Chloe simply loves this.

And she has spent longer making outfits than she has spent doing any single activity in a very long time.

The sets come in different sizes, the starter sets included one mannequin, 3 fabric pieces  and a couple of accessories (a belt, and piece of lace) and 2 packs of stickers, and the different start sets come in different themes, the theme we received is the summer carnival set which features bright coloured fabric. These sets are prices around £11 which I think is great value for money.

You can then purchase additional fabric and accessories in various packs starting from around £7 or you can simply use any spare material or ribbon you have around the home.

There are also more deluxe sets with additional features, these go up in price depending on what you receive.

Overall we are impressed with Harumika and think it is a great gift for all tweens who are into fashion designing, you can also share your creations online with other young designers to get feedback on your creations or inspiration.

Harumika is a brilliant boredom buster and a fantastic school holiday activity. Right now at The Entertainer toy shop and online, you can get some fantastic savings on Harumika, with as much as 60% off certain sets,  if you want something to keep the children happy this bank holiday then do give this a look!

Here is Chloe showing you how to make a simple outfit.

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