Sunday, 18 August 2013

Back to School with Bostik

The one thing I remember about the end of the summer holidays was the annual trip into town to stock up with all the school stationary supplies. I loved picking out new pens and pencils, a pencil case and a folder.

But as fun as this was, come the first day at school I realised I really didn't actually need the compass or the clear plastic wallets, and I would always find myself frustrated when there was something that I had simply overlooked.

This year its all starting again for me, but this time as a parent. My eldest will be starting senior school in September and I now have the daunting task to ensure he arrives at school with everything he needs, without over spending on things he really doesn't.

So when Bostik said they would help out and send me some bits I was pleased to see they had sent things which I wouldn't automatically think to purchase as school stationary, but actually are very useful must have items.

Of course the scientific calculators, pens, pencils and a good ruler are all essentials, but  when you think about it, I remember that one of the first things we had to do in every lesson was stick in a time table, school rules, a drawn diagram or print out of some sort in just about every single lesson.

So a easy to use none messy glue stick is simply essential and something which often gets forgot leaving children shoving the important paperwork into rucksacks, screwed up underneath books never to be seen again.

The Bostik stickipen however is perfect for keeping in your pencil case, it is the size of a pen, and is used in the same way as a pen with a small tip to ensure clean simple glue application on almost any surface.

Another great feature of the stikipen is that it can be re positional if you apple the glue to your item and then leave it for a couple of minutes to go touch dry you can stick things down and then peel them and reposition them should you need too. However if you don't leave the glue to go touch dry then it forms a VERY strong bond and will not be removable.

We really love the stikipens and know they will definitely be well used.

The other items in our Bostik Back to School set were the ever essential Blu Tack. Bostik are the original Blue Tack makers and everyone everywhere will surely have fond memories of blue tack with its almost never ending uses.

But why is it a back to school essential? Well think about it - starting a new year at secondary school - what is the single most daunting part? Getting to grips with a new timetable, and what better way to ensure you know what books to pack each morning than to stick up your new timetable on your bedroom wall. and what better way to do that than with Blu Tack, and of course keeping a bit of blue tack to fiddle with may just keep children from doodling all over the new folder and pencil case!

Then there is Sew Simple - which is more for us mums than the children to use, I reviewed sew simple back in January - you can read that blog post here and it is a great way to turn up hems on trousers and attach name labels onto the school uniform without using needles and threads. Sew simple is easy to use and extremely effective, if you haven't seen it yet then do pick some up from your local supermarket next time your there!

There are other great things in the Bostik range including childrens craft supplies such as glitter pens, jumbo glue pens and stronger adhesives for all the home DIY jobs. All Bostiks items can be seen on the Bostik website and found in a multitude of shops for very reasonable prices.

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