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Tree Fu Tom Birthday Party Supplies

Back in February we hosted a Tree Fu Tom twitter Party to showcase all the wonderful merchandise which goes along side the hit childrens TV show.

Since then I have had lots of requests about where to get Tree Fu Tom decorations and Birthday party themed products, so I thought I would do an updated post with some of the things I have been responding to those of you who have asked.

We were sent a box of Tree Fu tom toys to during our party and some other bits and pieces but as far as I am aware there are no official tree Fu tom birthday Party supplies, but this doesn't mean you can't host a great party themed around the wonderful Treetopolis world.

Here are my top tips for a successful Tree Fu Tom themed Party at home.


Tree Fu toms world is a bright colourful forest so Green Yellow and Blue balloons would make a fantastic Treetopolis feel

Tableware can be themed to match the balloons using plain green, blue and yellow cups, plates and table clothes, or get in the party mood by using supermarket standard birthday themed table ware, which look great.


I have not seen any official Tree Fu Tom invitations, we were sent our party invitations from Flair directly to host our Twitter Party. However you can make your own invitations using the familiar characters, like this one I made of my youngest son.

Tree Fu Tom character birthday party invatations
I can also make invites, or personalised designs for you to use as decorations or cake toppers, Please contact me for details : or look at my design site Making Moments

Party Games

To make a really great themed Tree Fu Tom party for your children then you can't go wrong by using the great range of Tree Fu tom products, our favourite is the toy Squizzles these are available from most good toy stores priced around £3.99 these make great going home gifts too instead of a loot bag and can help make standard games more themed by incorporating the Squizzle into the play.

The Tree Fu moves dance mat is also a fun activity to have the children at the party get involved with, each can take it in turns to have ago on the matt, or how about having a selection of the characters available for the children to have a bit of Free Play time, recreating their own Tree Fu Tom scenes.

There is also colouring, which is always a great way to calm children down before dinner, you can purchase some great Tree Fu Tom colouring books, or print out your own colouring sheets from the Cbeebies website.

Here is a great Match the names activity sheet you can also print out. Save the image via right clicking then print using your usual printing software.

 A great idea is also to have some of the wonderful individual character figures to give as prizes to the best colouring, as a pass the parcel winner or as a winner of other party games. Figures start from £4.99

Some of the games we played at our Tree Fu Tom party were:

Tree Fu Tom says  - you can use the squizzle here, and say things like 'put the squizzle on your head - stand on one leg, spin around, jump up and down, sit down, put the squizzle between your knees, put the squizzle under your chin and again do the actions whilst the squizzle is in the new position - anyone who drops the squizzle is out (if the children are too good and no drops then use the standard simon says rules - and say 'tree fu tom says before each action, then when you don't say Tree Fu tom says any children who do the action are out...)

Pass the squizzle - you can group the children into teams of about 4, depending how many guests you have,  and stand them in a line then get them to pass the squizzle along the line between their knees. The first team gets a prize.

squizzle catch
- simply stand in a circle use one squizzle and let the children throw it between each other, they must call a name of the person they are to throw it too then throw it, ensure all children get a turn

Musical status
is great for tree fu tom parties and get the children doing Tree Fu moves to the music then stand still...

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