Sunday, 8 September 2013

JewelCandle - a ring in a candle!

We were recently sent a lovely handmade scented candle from  to review and everyone who I've shown it too has loved the idea so I couldn't wait to share it with all my blog readers too. This is a very special candle with a ring inside.

a ring in a candle

Jewelcandle is a unique surprise gift  incorporating scented candles and beautiful jewellery.

The candles are handmade with the up most love and care ensuring the attention to detail from the packaging to the candle and then the jewellery,  everything is done to make this a beautiful gift available in a variety of flavours including cherry, cupcake, pina colarda and passion fruit.

The idea is a unique one, each candle holds  a surprise hidden gift which is revealed as  you burn the candle.

ring in a jewelcandle

You can choose if you would like a ring or ear rings inside your candle, and what flavour scent you would like but as for the style and value of your jewel - thats the surprise!

All you know is that each hidden jewel is guaranteed to be between £10 and £250 in value and have been picked to ensure they are top quality  pieces of jewellery that you are sure to love and want to wear with pride.

The candles themselves burn for around 150 hours in total ( you can remove your jewel after around 10 hours of burning) and they smell lovely.

jewelcandle ring and jewellery in a candleI choose the birthday cupcake candle. Which arrived  with a pretty Happy Birthday graphic on the front of the sturdy glass jar, coupled with a white bow these are truly beautiful gifts which anyone would appreciate.

We burnt the candle for approx 8 hours until we could see the jewel packaging poping above the wax, we really should have left the candle to burn for a few more hours so that the whole package was laying on the top, but as we were abit impatient to get to the ring, we used a fork to gently lift out the package breaking through the last bit of wax holding it in.

This didn't damage the candle at all and it is still burning filling my room with the creamy cupcake smell, which is not too over powering just a gentle fragrance.

On removing the silver package, we found a small black bag, which is to ensure your jewel is in perfect condition without any wax touching it at all.

We opened the black bag and revealed a very pretty silver ring, with a tag attached informing us it had a value of £25.00 the heart design with  glittering stones around the edge is very elegant and is truly a lovely ring that I would be happy to wear - That is if I  can get it off my daughter - who as you can see in this video loves the Jewelcandle!

I really do love the whole jewelcandle idea and will be purchasing a few for Christmas presents this year, the idea that you just don't know what the value of jewellery you have hidden in the candle is great and really does add to the excitement!

The ring candles are priced £24.95 each the ear ring candles are £16.95  They represent amazing value, as the scented candles themselves are lovely, with a great choice of flavours and messages on the candles. With the lasting piece of jewellery too.

You can not specify the size of the ring, but all rings are the most common sizes, and the ring we received fit me perfectly - is a touch big for Chloe but that doesn't stop her wanting to keep it for herself!

Do take a look at JewelCandles website which can be found here or like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter to keep up to date with their competitions and latest news.

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