Friday, 13 September 2013

What I did this afternoon...

You know sometimes when you really should be doing something else... but you just find yourself playing around with something pretty neat.

well thats what I have done with my time this afternoon.

I have a list longer than my arm of things that need to get done, but I couldn't help myself when I found this cool site which has animation software making it really easy to create great whiteboard animations - you know, videos which show someone writing as if on a white board.

I couldn't help myself and mess around with the free trial for a bit and see what I could do and here is my effort:

Its not perfect, but I like it.. now do I keep trying to make better drawing animations.. or should I go back to that todo list....

If you want to give it ago yourself then take a look at the software and get yourself a 7 day free trial to have ago too. heres the link : VideoScribe

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