Monday, 12 November 2012

Disney Memories - The little Mermaid

This time of year always makes me want to snuggle up and stay in doors and watch films, the dark evenings drawing in, it is now dark around 4.30pm so there is nothing nicer than snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and watching a film, and when it comes to what films to watch there is nothing better than re watching my favourite childhood films with my own children.

The films which are timeless and are still much loved are of course Disney films, all my old favourites my children love and every time we sit down watching them they bring back happy memories from my childhood.

My favourite Disney film has to be The Little Mermaid, I remember going to see it in the cinemas when it was first released back in November 1989 and then eagerly awaiting for the VHS release of it and being thrilled when we got a copy in our own home and we watched and re watched the video over and over until I could recite every song off by heart, now 23 years later it is still providing a magical story for my own children.

I am not quite sure what was so magical about The Little Mermaid, I guess it was because I connected with Ariels love to collect nik naks and mementos and dream of finding new adventures, I loved the mysterious underwater world full of beautiful mermaids and the love story that unfolded, the slightly scary Sea Witch and the disobedient streak in Ariel disobeying her father captured my imagination, not to mention the funny songs and humorous characters  such as Sebastian the crab and Scuttle the seagull watching the film again as an adult still makes me smile.

I guess that's why Walt Disney World is the worlds most visited entertainment resort, with so many people holding their own early memories of Disney Characters so close to their hearts, being able to visit the homes of the characters that we all connect with means it really is the place where dreams are made and being able to take children along to see the magic that is portrayed in these films upclose must be amazing.

Of course not everyone can travel to Florida but having Disney Land Paris closer by is a great alternative and means that making dreams come true is a little bit more accessible, if you are thinking of planning a trip to DisneyLand Paris there are loads of choices of accommodation available and Thomson Al Fresco currently have some great deals for 2013 bookings at the Al Frescos Parks that are close to Disney Land Paris, why not take a look and book the holiday of a lifetime.

I was offered a lego star wars advent calender as a reward for writing this post following the news that Disney will be releasing a new Star Wars film after purchasing the right from Lucasfilms early this month - and as my boys are mad on Star Wars, and I have a love for all things Disney I couldn't resist - all views and opinions are however as always my own.


  1. You've just summed up my feelings about this film! I can also remember being taken to the 'pictures' to see Little Mermaid with my Dad & crying at the end!
    Right this minute we're watching Star Wars Phantom Menace to educate our 5yr old, who only knows the characters from Lego Wii games!!!

    1. theres somethign nice about sharing somethign we enjoyed as children with our own children isn't there, my boys are star wars mad which pleases their dad no end!

  2. We have not seen this one, we have read the story loads!!!!!! We recently watched Brave which we all enjoyed but I must admit that one of our favourites is the original 101 Dalmations - even as an adult I find that there are still things in the film that I had not noticed as a kid! We love going to the cinema too - living in rural France the cinema is a little different from the UK, the numbers range from being just us to maybe 30 people in the hall - the films have no adverts at the front so start time is the start time and a lady still walks round with a basket of sweeties and ice cream for sale - it is a great afternoon out!


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