Saturday, 3 November 2012

Vote for me - vote for me - VOTE FOR ME!!!!

Blogs, they are amazing, as hobbies go I have never loved anything as much as I love my blog, it rolls all my hobbies into one neat and tidy little place, I can adapt it and change it to suit my current mood. It gives me a reason to take photos, and gives me a platform to share them.

It gives me a reason to be creative and edit pictures, and make videos, hey it even encourages me to cook cakes and make up games to play.

My blog has given me amazing opportunities, fantastic products to review and places to go, and has enabled me to get to know so many other brilliant bloggers.

All this is just wonderful isn't it? Everyone who has ever took the tentative steps into the blogging world will appreciate the fun and thrill they get every time they post out something and eagerly await a response, be it a like on facebook, a tweet or a comment, every one is appreciated and encourages us to keep blogging.

So it is only common places that us bloggers love to check our scores and ranks, our page views and stats, we love the pat on the back when we see someone else might like what we are posting about.

But every blog is so different, so amazingly unique, their are amazing tech hungry blogs with helpful hints and tutorials, or humorous blogs which make you laugh out loud, ones who share their deepest thoughts and feelings and bare all for support and comfort, ones that take the most stunning photos or make mouth watering dishes to inspire, every blog is wonderful and has its place.

Yet us bloggers are such a competitive lot, we constantly strive to improve our little corners of the Internet, needing to gain a higher vantage point, wanting to up our ranking in the current must be included in list of 'top' bloggers.

We are all so very different, yet so very similar too, we long to be seen, to be read, to be liked and told we're doing well, and in the quest to accomplish this we all jump at the chance to race it out even when we're thrown together in a ugly vote off.

The latest rumble in the parenting blogger scene is the Circle of moms Top25 lists, and each year 25 - yep just 25 out of the thousands of bloggers are given the honour of appearing on a selection of specialist blogger lists.

But to gain the very welcomed pat on the back, and place on these lists, isn't great content, no its votes.

Now I REALLY hate vote contests, yet my love for my blog makes me want to do well, I don't want to let my little blog sit on the side lines when I REALLY want it to shine, want to feel proud when someone else says you know what I quite like your blog too, so I approved my nomination, I added my blogs photo and I asked for votes.

The problem however is that this particular voting contest runs for a further 19 days, and you can vote once a day, which means whoever pesters the most will obviously do the best, whoever shouts the loudest everyday will run ahead and I do not want to go down that line.

So I'm stuck between wanting to scream VOTE FOR ME and not wanting to ask at all.

I want to feel like my blog is worthy of appearing on a list, I want to hope that others like this little corner of Internet as much as me, but I do not want to become obsessed with this contest and waste time which I simply do not have touting for votes and feeling let down when my numbers don't rise as quickly as I'd like.

I'm under no false illusions that my blog is the best, I do not think it fits in any league above anyone else, I don't even really know quite where my blog fits in at all, its not full of inspiring craft ideas, or helpful tutorials, its not brimming with passionate thought provoking posts or funny stories but I do love it, and I am proud of it.

So I will ask once. If you would like to vote for me then please do take a look at  Circle of mums Top25 European Bloggers List by clicking on the pretty pink badge here, and click the yellow thumbs up 'vote' button next to the blog you wish to vote for, as simple as that no registration or sign in needed.


And while  you are there if you notice any other of your favourite blogs then why not vote for them too, as far as I'm aware there is no limit on how many you can vote for per day, just one vote per blog per day, I am pretty certain every single blogger included on the list will be most appreciative of your votes.

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