Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pooch Pack - Perfect gift for your Pet

The other day I received a email from a brand new company called PoochPack offering to send me a gift pack for Jackson our lovely boxer dog.

If you have a dog, then you will agree they are very much part  of the family and its always lovely to treat them with gifts, PoochPack told me they are a new company offering a monthly subscription gift pack service, sending out a box full of fun, treats and other goodies. I was intrigued by this idea and couldn't wait to see what would be included in the pack.

The very next day a box arrived, filled to the brim with doggy goodies, lots of treats, a toy,  even some shampoo and poop bags on a handy keyring.

 The PoochPack really was bursting with things which any doggy lover would appreciate, included also was a fact sheet telling you what was in the poochpack and where to find out more information.

We have been giving everything in the pooch pack a good testing over the past couple of weeks and Jackson loves every single thing that was included.

 The people at PoochPack really have given alot of thought about the selection of products, making sure they are top quality, the thing I really liked were that the products were all new to me and Jackson and not something you would necessarily find in your local shops, the Soopa Treats were 100% natural fruit and veg dog chews and Jackson really loved them, they would be perfect for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies really tasty treats for our four legged friends. They looked delicious and juicy and were really chewy each Treat taking Jackson a good while to chomp!

Lots of thought has gone into the toy selection too, The Roxxter toy has quickly become Jacksons favourite toy, it is made from sturdy rubber with a vanilla flavour, with a unique shape that rocks around the floor and a funnel on the top which you can put treats down into the centre of the toy to keep your dog entertained, Jacksons absolutely LOVES it and he has played with it every day by himself with and without adding treats.

I really can't fault anything that was included in the PoochPack and think the pack as a whole would make a fantastic gift as a one off for any dog loving family, and I also think these packs would be perfect as a monthly subscription, with the dedication from the team of PoochPacks finding great quality products for the packs I'm sure everyone would eagerly await each monthly box, fitting together all your dogs treats and toys into one handy monthly delivery!

PoochPack offer a month by month purchase option, or a 3 or 6 month subscription ensuring your doggie is never forgotten.

So if you have a dog, or know anyone who does then be sure to take a look at chat to them on Facebook or Twitter too and why not make your dogs Christmas by having a PoochPack under the Tree!


  1. Looks like a great idea having a box full of hand pick dog goodies delivered each month - will check them out I'm sure Bella would love it - Jackson is soooo cute too!

    1. Thanks Cathy, PoochPacks really are a lot of fun :)

  2. What A lot Of Lovely Goodies In The Pooch Pack ... So Pleased Jackson Enjoyed This Delivery At His Door ..
    What A Lovely Informative Blog Sarah Love The Pictures Of Jackson Testing Everything And Having Such Fun ....
    Zanda Would love The Roxxter Toy And The Healthy Treats Too x


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