Sunday, 10 March 2013

All Change Google + and YouTube

Well the weather has gone from bright and cheery to dull and grey again, and so the spring cleaning with the windows open has halted, well at least the real life in house cleaning.

But the online world is full of change and alterations at the moment.

Google updated the Google+ pages, quite a big change, making the headers much bigger, adding in new features to make displaying information on your profile neater. There was a mixed reaction to the changes, and I am still not sure if I am a huge fan of the over sized headers yet, but like with everything I am sure they will grow on me.

Then today YouTube have brought in their much awaited redesign. they have made headers available to all channels,and allowed customisation as to what your viewers see when they visit your channel page, with an option to have a welcome video.

The new YouTube layout is quite nice, but I can't decided if I am totally happy with it or not, there are a couple of things I preferred on the old layout

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