Thursday, 14 March 2013

Leapfrog Leappad Disney Brave review.

Please scroll down to the comment section if you are looking for tips on how to complete the levels in the adventure mode - and please help out if you know how to complete any of the bits other commentators are stuck on - thank you.

Nearly 2 years ago we reviewed the LeapPad Explorer from leapfrog for the ToysRus Toyologists, and it has been a favourite ever since, admittedly the older two (aged 11 and 9 now) lost interest in it although Chloe still will pick it up to doodle on in the art studio and take photos, but Mikey my 5 year old still very much enjoys playing on it, especially when he gets a new game to try out.

We were recently asked to review a great  Educational App, Disney Brave, which is a new game for the Leappad explorer, and is also compatible with the old and the new LeapPads and the Leapster.

Disney Brave is available to buy as a cartridge game or to download directly from the app centre. Priced £20 it is aimed at children aged between 5 and 8 years old.

With the games being expensive its always good to know what it is your getting for the money and how long will it entertain the children.

We downloaded this a couple of weeks ago now, and Mikey has really enjoyed playing on this game, he has not lost interest in it and there are still lots and lots of parts to the game he is yet to uncover.

disney game playing on the leappad explorerThe main portion of the game the 'adventure' mode see Merida exploring her world, you can make her walk around using the stylus, and as she goes along you come across various items to inspect and learn about.

The adventure mode has a set pattern you have to follow, and you have to work out what you need to do in order to progress, this really does make the kids feel like they have achieved something as they unlock the next sections of the game, as you progress you find new mini games, and you can then get to these games directly from the main menu.

The game has a science theme to it so the mini games help children learn about animals life cycles, and the names of plant parts aungst other things.

One of the mini games 'picture parts' is where you get to sort out and order pictures into the correct sequences.

educational science puzzles on the leappad disney brave
 Another mini game is where you have to drag the word labels to the correct places on the diagram.

learning science children playing leappad explorer disney brave game
You also get to hep the triplets explorer in the mini game 'tricky triplets', a fun puzzle game where you have to pick from a selection of shapes to enable the triplets to follow the path through the tunnels.

disney brave triplet puzzle game on leappad explorer
Even if you have not seen the movie (which we haven't yet) this is still an appealing game, with Merida working out how to fix and fire her bow it has enough action to entertain as well as having a strong educational underlying theme.

boy playing leappad explorer game
We've really enjoyed playing this game and give it a big thumbs up!

Extra Note :  We have been receiving a few questions about the controls in the game and instructions on certain aspects how to walkthrough the adventure mode - please read the comments and get in touch if you would like us to give you some hints on anything you may be stuck on!

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