Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spring Cleaning

I am so happy to see the sun shinning through the curtains in the morning over the past few days and the slightly lighter evenings, although it is still cold it is much more cheery and if there is one thing that the sunshine does it makes the dust and the clutter seem so much worse, in winter it somehow seems ok to let things creep up.

I'm naturally abit of a hoarder and am always the first to say we need to keep something, instead of happily toss it to one side, Darren however is a minimalist and has very little sentimental feelings and would rather the house only have the basics in it, this sometimes causes a clash of opinions!

Yet Spring brings out my minimist streak and I like the clean summery spaces with the curtains open and the light making everything look much nicer.

That's why this past week we've been cleaning up the living room, we found a bargain sofa on Ebay local to us, so much nicer than our old dark dingy one we'd had for several years.

It's amazing how a lighter sofa makes the whole room seem bigger and fresher,  rejuvenated by the sofa we had a bit of a declutter and rearrange, and the living room is looking quite nice, and its inspired me to take on the rest of the house.

The biggest problem being the childrens bedrooms, we seem to still have every toy we've ever brought, with three children that's alot of Christmas and Birthday presents!

I know I need to sort them out, go through the boxes and boxes of mismatched toys all across the boys room and organise them into things they still play with, those things which can be sold, or things we can pass to friends and family.

Not only does having a Spring clean and sort out make everywhere look better, it also gives a bit of extra income, which is always welcomed, I'm always surprised at the sale value of the smallest things, everyone seems to love looking online for collectible toys and figures, and you can see why when you can sell things and get them delivered the next day by parcelforce, it really is appealing to search out the missing figure of your set without even moving out the house.

Chloes room however is a whole other issue, she takes after me and is a serial hoarder.

This is the state of her bedroom this morning!!

Unfortnately tho, the majority of her beloved belongings are not of any worth at all, its all paper and crafts and bits and bobs lovingly stashed into old shoe boxes and tins, and if I even suggest sorting them out we have a 'but I neeeeeeeeed it' breakdown.

I think with chloe the only option is to get more cupboard storage - with doors, out of sight out of mind!

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