Monday, 25 March 2013

Fun Easter Egg Hunt - Print out!

I love to do treasure hunts, they are a great boredom buster, but Easter is a perfect excuse to set up a really fun Treasure hunt, which takes only a few minutes to set up but can provide loads of fun!

This year the weather may not be good enough to do a hunt in the garden, so instead I am going to set up a treasure hunt inside for the children to follow in order to find their Easter Gifts.

at home craft Easy Easter hunt for children to print

I have wrote out a series of riddle style clues which take the children from one place to the next, each time they follow the clue correctly they will find the next clue and a couple of small chocolates. When they have completed the whole challenge they will come to their main Easter Gift. 

This style of Easter Egg hunt is so quick and easy to get organised and is very cheap, all you need is some paper for the clues, maybe a bucket or goodie bag and a few chocolate surprises.

cheap easy fun easter activities

We went along to Poundland to see their amazing selection of Easter Eggs and Chocolate treats, as their ambassadors we were sent some vouchers to help us put on our Easter Hunt. Poundland had a great range of cheap Easter gifts with lots of lovely baskets and goodie bags which are perfect for this type of  Easter hunt.

small golden easter bunnie

They have a great range of Large Easter Eggs for the final Prize, and lots of little chocolates to place around the house along with your clues.

The children always really enjoy solving the riddles and running along from one place to the next, it helps build team work too as they  take it in turns to read out the clue when they get to the next spot, filling up their goodie bags as they go along.

Easter hunt goodie bags

We picked up some goodie bags from Poundland 2 bags for £1 and some plastic buckets for £1 each, we also brought some choclate bunnies, Easter lollies and hollow eggs, so we have loads of surprises to places along our treasure hunt so we could invite the cousins along and have plenty of supplies.

If you are thinking of having a Easter Treasure hunt and are struggling to think up riddles as clues here is a free printable page with the clues I have wrote out to use this year in preparation for our Easter Egg hunt, you can download this by Right clicking on the image and then selecting 'Save Image As' and then printing it from your computer, or you can simply copy out the riddles by hand.

fun free printable Easter activity for children clues treasure hunt

The Treasure hunt clues take the children all over the house, and are all easy enough for different aged children to solve.

 I have put them in order so they have to go from one end of our house to another without having too many close together, which means the children take abit longer and don't spot the next clue before they have solved the riddle!

But you can jumble the clues up to suit your own house, The first clue takes them to the Shoe cupboard to find their wellingtons as I thought this was fitting seems as we have had such snowy weather recently! Then They are taken to the toilet, and then to the clock... and so on and so forth, The last message is taking them to the washing machine and washing basket which will be where their big Eggs are hiding.

Do you do hunts like this with your children?

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